Half Day City Tour of Mombasa City

The tour offers you one of the best ways to see Mombasa and what this historic and multi cultural centre has to offer. Our experienced driver guides will show you the following places.

The majestic famous elephants Tusk Archway These tusks are famous because of their history and the many things that they symbolise and represent. They were initially commissioned to commemorate the visit of Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth’s sister) in 1956, when Kenya was still part of the British Empire. The tusks are meant to represent the entrance to the city of Mombasa and were therefore to welcome Princess Margaret for her visit.
Fragrant Spice Shops & Stalls Because of it's location on the Kenyan coast and once an important trade route, Mombasa has some culinary influences from India starting with the spices.
Mackinnon Fruit & Vegetables Market Also known as the Municipal Market, this offers a fantastic selection of fresh fruits and vegetables from all over Kenya. It is an exciting and lively place that is very popular with tourists. Examples of fruit for sale include soursops and jackfruit. As well as fruit, the market has a fairly decent range of jewellery, baskets and arts and crafts.
The historic Portuguese "Fort Jesus"


Full Day City Tour of Mombasa City

Mombasa is a city of history, culture, traditional handicrafts and wildlife and you can experience all these in one day. One gets to experience the following:

  • The majestic famous elephants Tusk Archway, fragrant spice shops & stalls, Mackinnon Market and Historic Fort Jesus.
  • Enjoy delicious seafood or barbecue lunch on board the Tamarind Dhow while cruising in the lapping waters of
    Tudor Creek listening to cool sentimental music.
  • The day comes to a close with a visit to Haller park where one can get close to the Hippos, crocs, snakes and giant tortoises who provide brilliant photo opportunities.
Located in Bamburi area, Haller Park is an inspirational story of converting former industrial wasteland into a proper echo park full of wildlife. Starting with a former quarry and brackish water, the careful introduction of successive species resulted in a thriving ecosystem that includes more than 180 species of plants, Bush pigs, Antelope, Eland and famous Oryx as well as Vervet monkeys, Giraffe and Hippopotamus.


Pilli Pipa Dhow Safari.

Enjoy a splendid day tour to Kisite Marine Park on a
Pilli Pipa Dhow Safari.

Since 1989, the small family-owned operation has been providing visitors with more than just a boat ride to the park. Group sizes are kept small so that you are treated to professional and individual attention throughout the excursion.
The all-inclusive fee covers: Your equipment, guide fees, park fees, snacks, beverages and a Swahili seafood lunch on Wasini Island. The company owners and competent team, who are both certified dive instructors and First Aid instructors, are onboard during every trip so you can feel confident that you are in good hands and that your safety is always a priority.
As you sail toward the park, watch for dolphin, which are seen almost every day, as well as aquatic avi-fauna. For your snorkeling adventure, qualified marine guides escort you on the water's surface and point out the sea creatures below the surface, a superb experience, even if it is not your first time snorkeling! No matter your skill level and experience, diving in the Indian Ocean is like no other place you have been before as a new world of beautiful coral reef and marine life reveals itself just feet below the surface. To ensure fun and safety for all, Pilli Pipa limits dives to small groups as this allows you to feel the freedom of being in the underwater realm without being crowded.


Shimba Hills One Day Tour

The reserve is well known for its large elephant population, which in the early 2000's became unsustainable. In 2005 KWS translocated over 150 elephants to Tsavo East National Park, it was described at the time as "the single largest translocation of animals ever undertaken since Noah's ark". There are still over 500 elephants in the reserve, which causes tense human wildlife conflicts with the subsistence farmers in the area. To help reduce this conflict the Mwalunganje Elephant Sanctuary was established and shares a boundary with Shimba Hills National Reserve providing the elephants a migration corridor.
The Reserve is also known for its excellent birding opportunities and twitchers can search for the Croaking Cisticola or the Zanzibar Red Bishop. Due to the thick nature of the forest, game viewing is not as rewarding as on the savannahs, as many animals spend their time deep in the forest. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it makes the wildlife encounters that you do have, that much more spectacular. The best time of day to go for a game drive would be in the late afternoon, when the cooler temperatures lure the animals out of the shade and seek water.
The magnificent 21 m high Sheldrick Falls are in Shimba Hills; the late David Sheldrick, founder of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, once explored this area, whilst flying over the area he discovered a hidden waterfall within the Shimba Hills National Reserve, and subsequently had the falls named after him.